Bonjour and Weclome!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bonjour and Welcome to Fleur Envy.

Collection 2012 ~ Naturally Beautiful is dedicated to those who believe in Natural Beauty.

Enjoy! :)

The launch for this new brand and collection came so much later than I have expected! In fact, I have completed the bridal accessories almost a year ago (!!!). I guess the preparation - search for suitable gowns, models, photographer and web developer seems to take forever! And, yes, requires lots of luck too! You can never imagine how much time and effort you need to invest and how many wrong corners you have to turn and how much money you have to drain (well, I am just running a small business and have a shoestring budget) before you can finally just launch your new brand... but this is just the beginning, the start of all the excitement and perhaps plenty more sleepless nights and countless "Ouch!"es from the pricklings from the needles. Nevertheless, this is still a road I have chosen and I hope to make this journey one that I will always remember and cherish...

Being nature inspired, I have named each piece of my work after a lovely blossom.
So, please enjoy the collection, as much as I have had fun creating them.
Do hope that they are well worth the wait too!
You can visit my official website to view the entire collection.

I am already having budding ideas to kick start the year and I am really fond of them. Hope to get them in place this year and trust me, I really can't wait to tell you...

Thanks so much for your patience, support and encouragement! :)