Fleur Envy Short Story Video

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This is the video of our boutique in the making.

We had fun making this video and we hope you will enjoy watching it! :)


Fleur Envy Studio Boutique

Sunday, July 20, 2014

We are finally opened on 14 Jun! :)

Come visit us at Unit 4/7 Jetty Road, Bunbury.

Special thanks to the entire Fleur Envy team, family members, new neighbors and supporters of handmade for making our shop launch party a huge success!


Our boutique, our studio, our customers...

Health & Beauty Tips - Heatlhy Dieting

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Guess everyone tends to eat a little more and put on a little too much around the waistline during the winter period, huh? Well, we are human beings after all. With spring fast approaching, lets get back on track and start striving for our well deserved, hour-glass figures, well, in the most sunshine and healthy ways. Here are the 10 healthy dieting tips that we would like to share with you. You are what you eat, bear that in mind and have fun, healthy dieting!
1. Drink plenty of water or other calorie-free beverages.

Before you tear into that bag of potato chips, drink a glass of water first. People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger, so you can end up eating extra calories when an ice-cold glass of water is really all you needed. If plain water doesn’t cut it, try drinking flavoured sparkling water or brewing a cup of fruit-infused herbal tea.

2. Eat several mini-meals during the day.

If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you’ll lose weight. Studies show people who eat 4-5 meals or snacks per day are better able to control their appetite and weight. If you divide your daily calories into smaller meals or snacks and enjoying most of them earlier in the day. Dinner should be the last time you eat.

3. Stock your kitchen with healthy, convenient foods.

Having ready-to-eat snacks and meals-in-minutes on hand sets you up for success. You’ll be less likely to hit the drive-through or order pizza if you can throw together a healthy meal in five or 10 minutes. Here are some essentials to keep on hand: frozen vegetables, whole-grain pasta, reduced-fat cheese, canned tomatoes, pre-cooked grilled chicken breast, and bags of salad greens.   

4. Always eat breakfast  

It seems like an easy diet win: Skip breakfast and you’ll lose weight. Yet many studies show the opposite can be true. Not eating breakfast can make you hungry later, leading to too much nibbling. To lose weight – and keep it off – always make time for a healthy morning meal, like high-fiber cereal, low fat milk and fruit.  

5. Get enough sleep  

When you sleep, your body overproduces the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin but under-produces the hormone leptin, which tells you when you’re full. Getting enough sleep may make you feel rested and full and keep you from doing unnecessary snacking.   

6. Chew sugarless gum  

The next time you want to grab a fattening snack, reach for some sugar-free gum instead. Chewing some types of gum gives you fresh breath and can also help manage hunger, control snack cravings, and aid in weight loss. Although gum might make you eat less, it doesn’t mean you can stop eating right. A good diet and exercise are still important.  

7. Eat more fruits and vegetables  

The best ‘diet’ is the one where you get to eat more food, not less. If you eat more fruits and vegetables, you shouldn’t feel as hungry because these nutrient-rich foods are also high in fiber and water, which can give you a feeling of fullness. Snacking can be a good thing as long as you choose smart snacks.  

8. Exercise, exercise and exercise  

Studies show that regular activity is the key to losing weight and keeping it off. As well as providing numerous health benefits, exercise can help burn off the excess calories you can’t cut through diet alone. Find an activity you enjoy and are able to fit into your routine.  

9. Keep a food diary  

A simple pen and paper can dramatically boost your weight loss. Studies show the act of writing down what you eat and drink tends to make you more aware of what, when, and how much you’re consuming – leading you to ultimately take in fewer calories. One study found that people who kept a food diary six days a week lost about twice as much as those who only kept a food diary one day a week or less. 

10.  Celebrate success (but not with food)  

You’ve lost five pounds this month and walked every day? Time to celebrate! Rewarding weight loss success really can encourage more success, so revel in your achievements. Buy a new pair of shoes, take in a movie, and set a prize for the next milestone. Just don’t celebrate with a sundae or deep dish pizza.

Research & Draft by Jamie Kers
Edited by Jet Goh

Fashion & Trend - Summer Blooms

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tutorial - Evergreen Floral Hairpins & Rings

We all know women adore flowers, enjoy floral fragrances, love to receive bouquets. Why not incorporate some flowers into our everyday jewellery and hair accessories and wear these lovely evergreen trinkets throughout the year? You can have them in all sorts of brilliant colors and keep them to match your different outfits, or gift them for they make such pretty gifts!

These are what you need:

1. Assorted resin (plastic) flowers - you can get them in the scrapbooking supplies stores
2. Hairpin and ring blanks
3. Super glue 

Place a dab of super glue on the flip side of the resin flower and position it on the blank of the hairpin.

Leave the flower and hairpin to dry for a few minutes. 
Ta-dah! The floral hairpin is ready to be worn!

You can easily repeat the above steps for the ring blanks to create some amazing floral rings.

It's time to flaunt your lovely trinkets! :)

Draft by Jamie Kers
Edited by Jet Goh