Interview with Heather Moore

Monday, June 23, 2014

I just love Heather's simple yet astonishing designs. Flowers! Yes, I love floral designs, crazy about them! Her designs are just so delicate, adorable and colorful that you wish you could bring everything home! You can now enjoy premium quality handmade Skinny LaMinx products in Australia. Just head to Fleur Envy. Cheers to Heather, for such outstanding designs!

Aloha Heather, tell us more about yourself and your work. They are just amazing! How does this exciting journey starts?

After 10 years of illustration, I needed a change, so in 2006 I took a half-day job as a comics scriptwriter. I spent the rest of my day messing around with paper cutting and screen-printing in a studio that I shared with a couple of painters. I started blogging about what I was making, and opened an online shop on Etsy. People around the world started reading my blog and buying my things, and I got some wholesale orders to the USA, and suddenly I found that I was a designer with a design business.By 2010, my business had grown a lot, and I was very relieved when Pearl Thompson joined the business, taking over the operational side of things so that I could concentrate on design and communications.

What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from ordinary, everyday things like cactuses, teacups, staircases and vibracrete walls. I usually have a notebook with me, where I make sketches, and I take a lot of photographs of textures, details, juxtapositions and compositions that seem to give me ideas. Follow me on Instagram at @skinnylaminx to find out what I’ve been looking at lately.

The word “handmade” – what does it mean to you ?
I think that ‘handmade’ means that way a finished object comes into being requires individual care and attention, and it is not just one of a million exactly the same.

Tea or Coffee for you?
I start the day with a great cup of coffee, but thereafter it is lots and lots of tea!

Describe your work in 3 words
Simple, patterned, clean and clear: inspired by ordinary things.

Who has greatly influences your work?
I’ve always been a big fan of UK designer Orla Kiely, New York potter (and maximalist) Jonathan Adler, as well as of a range of mid-century designers.

What do you read?
ELLE Decoration UK (I’m a huge fan)
New York Magazine (it’s a weekly. Relentless! Fab!)
Becoming Animal – David AbramThe
Goldfinch – Donna Tartt
Paris was Ours – Penelope Rowlands

What is your work process like?
It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day running of a business, and stuck on the email treadmill, so I try to put aside Fridays as my day for doing non-work-related creative work, where I can simply make whatever takes my fancy. I find that the things I make in non-directed time like this are often put away for a bit, and then brought out later and built upon, when the time is right. I like to keep a sketchbook with me, and often find that quick sketches I make on the fly end up as starting points for everything.

What is your favorite color and why?
I like colors in combination, so while I don’t really like pink, I do like pink and brown together. I may not think a lot about orange, but when teamed with the right grey, it’s so evocative.

Inspirations - Walls of ART

Our studio boutique opening this Saturday!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We are opening!!

Amazing handmade merchandise and engaging activities :)

Photos and details will be updated in our blog soon!

Interview - Johanna Resta

Sunday, June 08, 2014

I am really fortunate to meet Jo, a very talented freelance writer and photographer. She is involved in the writing of the product descriptions for Fleur Envy collections and relates so well to the emotions within me when I was creating those trinkets. Thanks so much for your help, Jo! It is wonderful to know you. :)

Aloha Jo, tell us more about yourself and share some of the photos you have taken with us!

My biggest inspiration comes from people. I have always been intrigued by people’s stories and am a strong believer that everyone has an incredible story to tell. Sometimes it’s just a matter of asking the right questions.

This is interesting, so I wonder if you write better in the day or night?

 It depends on what purpose I’m writing for. If I have a particular project I am working on (like writing for Fleur Envy) I much prefer the morning. However, if I’m writing for myself, I quite enjoy writing in the evenings.

Over a cup of coffee or tea?

Coffee! I’m completely addicted. After spending so many years in Italy I’m hooked on the espressos. 

Writers read widely, is this usually true? What do you read then? 

Yes, this is definitely true for me. I don’t remember a time when books and reading weren’t a part of my life. As a child, books provided me with a wonderful escape and an insight into other people’s lives. As an adult, this hasn’t changed and a book is never far from my hands. Reading is my guilty pleasure, and I tend to be greedy and read anything and everything that I can get my hands on. I have books that I have read many times over, books that have made me laugh out loud, cry, or inspired me to make changes in my life. So in answer to your question, my answer is everything!

Which book greatly influences you to becoming who you are today? Why? 

I have so many favorite authors and books that have influenced me greatly, that I couldn’t possibly mention only one. But if I think about books that have stayed with me long after I’ve read them I would have to say that as a young girl I loved May Alcott’s Little Women, and in particular the character of Jo. To me she was an amazing example of  female autonomy, and I was inspired by her exuberant personality and headstrong attitude. I love that this book celebrates women and sisterhood.

What do you enjoy doing other than reading and writing? 

When I’m not reading or writing, I am taking photos. Photography is something I have become interested in the last few years, and has quickly become one of my favorite things to do. Nothing quietens my mind quite like a stroll around a beautiful place with my camera in my hands.

You write the product descriptions for Fleur Envy, which piece of jewellery you feel, has a description that resonates with your heart? 

I think one piece of jewellery that comes to mind is the BlackForest necklace. It is a magical piece that really brings to mind images of mysterious secret gardens. The rose design is really enchanting and it was fun to play on the idea of a night in a secret garden when writing the description.

Jo's beautiful description for Black Forest necklace makes the necklace comes alive.

When the sun sets, the magical secret garden comes alive. Take a moonlight stroll among the dancing flowers, and delight in all the mystery and magic this enchanting piece radiates.

Featuring a mystical black rose design made from hand dyed black French lace, and an oval filigree charm, this treasure has been meticulously hand crafted to fascinate and captivate all whose eyes land upon it.

The delicate antiqued brass chain is accented with a combination of alluring copper and black colored beads, and elegantly closes with a petite floral etched box clasp.

Designed for an enigmatic soul, and  as rare and bewitching as a secret garden – express the hidden part of your nature when you step out in this enthralling piece.

What do you hope to be doing in the next three years?

That’s a tough question, and I think best answered by saying I hope that I am still on the path of following my creative pursuits.

Can you describe your work in 3 words? 

Reflective, honest, inspired by life (sorry, that was cheating.. I’ve never been good with word limits!)

What are the services you offer? 

At the moment I’m dabbling in free-lance writing and photography. So far this has opened up many experiences for me, such as writing articles for blogs, photographing events and contributing to the Fleur Envy website. I am excited about this new path and am open to working on any projects that enable me to utilize my writing and photography skills.

If you wish to contact Jo for any possible collaboration, kindly email to

Be Envied - Anna

Friday, June 06, 2014

Thanks for sharing your wedding photos with us, Anna. You looked stunning with the elegant birdcage veil! Congrats once again from us all in Fleur Envy!