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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Staying healthy and happy is what I have always hoped to achieve in life. Those are the main purpose and motivation behind my venture into this less traveled path. Having said that, being beautiful mentally and physically as well as aging gracefully are some other goals that will likely take my lifetime to accomplish. I suppose life is a journey where you learn all about balance. Juggling between work and family, indulgences and routines, the to dos and not to dos, etc. This is the skill of staying alive, which may become easier, well, with the increased number of wrinkles on your skin (hopefully not!). That said, it's always better and wiser to be equipped with some tips and advises to achieve better well being in life. Hence, I will be sharing some health and beauty tips every month, hopefully these tips (and tricks?) that have shined some lights on me, will benefit you as well. Lets work hard to becoming better persons with beautiful minds :)

Well, I guess having beautiful skin is one of the utmost importance for all women. It is now fast approaching winter in Australia, hence I hope you will find this post beneficial to you. Skin care is a routine done 365 days, every day all year round. Hence, whether you are residing in a tropical country, or currently experiencing warm summer heat wave, this information should still be relevant to you.

1. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate

Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. If you aren’t much of a water drinker, it’s best that you get started now. Carry a bottle with you everywhere, especially when you go out, and make it a point to drink as much as six to eight glasses a day. This is to provide moisture from the inside.

2. Cleanse

Cleanse your face everyday and apply moisturizer immediately afterward for optimum absorption.

3. Moisturize

Use a moisturizer. You may have used a moisturizer that worked just well during spring and summer, but you may need to change your skin care routine as the weather changes. Look for a moisturizer that is oil based or for oily skin. But don’t just moisturize your face alone, use lotion or moisturizer on your body as well, especially on areas prone to drying out like your hands and feet. This is to provide moisture from the outside.

4. Scrub and exfoliate

Use a gentle and good face and body scrub on a weekly basis to slough off all those dead cells from your skin. Old and dry skin cells will make your skin look rough and worn, so a weekly exfoliating session should leave your skin fresh and ready for some moisturizing! Choose wisely and get something effective yet gentle and respectful!

5. Apply sunscreen

There is this misconception that sunscreen is only for summertime, when the sun is hot and glaring in the sky. Winter sun, as well as snow glare, can also be damaging to the skin. So don’t skip your sunscreen just because you don’t see the sun in the sky. Sunscreen reduces the harmful effects of the sun, which accelerates skin aging.

6. Less makeup

Wearing makeup can dry out your skin. Avoid heavy makeup or if possible wear little to no makeup during winter to avoid dehydration of your skin.

7. Paying attention to the more sensitive areas

Some parts of your face (eye contour, lips, etc) have particularly fine, fragile skin. They need specific care, especially the eye contour and the lips. These areas of your face are more sensitive and deserve special attention.

8. Have ample sleep

Slumber is nature's most powerful beauty treatment. Having consistent (optimal 7-9 hours) good night sleep bring oxygen and blood supply to all your skin cells, rejuvenating your skin and keeping your skin supple and healthy. Insufficient sleep ages all of our body including skin.

9. Exercise

By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital. "Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin. In addition to providing oxygen, blood flow also helps carry away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells.The job of neutralizing toxins belongs mostly to the liver. But by increasing blood flow, a bout of exercise helps flush cellular debris out of the system. You can think of it as cleansing your skin from the inside.

10. Good diet

Have a good diet, avoid having too much sugar in your diet. Fruit and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that help to protect skin from the cellular damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are caused by smoking, pollution and sunlight and can cause wrinkling and age spots. Eat a rainbow of colorful fruit and vegetables and aim for at least five portions a day. Vitamin C is also a super antioxidant. It is needed for a strong immune system, radiant skin and helps blemishes heal properly. Vitamin E protects skin from damage and supports healthy skin growth.

Some best foods for healthier skin (from Fitness magazine):

- Prevent wrinkles with yogurt: The protein you get from eating dairy helps skin become firmer. Eat a single serving daily to make your complexion smoother.
- Protect with pomegranate: They're packed with polyphenol antioxidants. Polyphenols fight free radicals and regulate skin's blood flow, giving it rosiness. One pomegranate or a few glasses of juice daily should do the trick.

- Soften your skin with walnuts: Walnuts contain omega-3 essential fatty acids, which can improve skin's elasticity. Snack on a handful of walnuts each day to improve your complexion's texture.

- Fight back with peppers: Women who eat green and yellow vegetables regularly tend to have fewer wrinkles, especially around the eyes.

- Brighten up with sunflower seeds: Loaded with vitamin E, sunflower seeds keep your skin supple by protecting its top layers from the sun. Eat a handful daily.

 - Even out your skin tone with soy: Drink a latte with soy milk or eat edamame and you may get a clearer complexion. Soy contains minerals and proteins that have been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation. One cup a day should yield results.

- Calm redness with green tea: It's very high in antioxidants, particularly one named EGCG, which is proved to reduce redness. Sip at least one cup of green tea a day, and fight redness.

11. Avoid clash diets

Repeatedly losing and regaining weight can take its toll on your skin, causing sagging, wrinkles and stretch marks. Crash diets are often short in essential vitamins too. Over long periods of time this type of dieting will reflect on your skin.

12. Avoid smoking and drinking

Try to avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, both can age the skin.

13. Watch out for environmental stress

Pollution, smoke, stress… All these have harmful effects on the skin. Use skincare products to protect your skin against these daily stresses before leaving the house and cleanse your skin thoroughly when you come home in the evening.

14.  Use humidifier

Space heaters and central heating system blast hot (and very dry) air at home and in office spaces. While they’re great for keeping you warm, they do very little good for your skin. Counter dry air with a humidifier, which bring back moisture into the air and prevent it from drying. Instead of getting one big humidifier, place several ones throughout your home to help disperse moisture evenly.

15. Avoid hot showers

The water heater is always seen as a lifesaver during winter, or when you need to shower on any cold day, so it can be very tempting for you to put the temperature on high and enjoy a hot shower or bath. Doing so, unfortunately breaks down your skin’s lipid barriers, causing moisture loss.That said, it’s better that you stick with warm water and being quick about the whole thing. You can also use oat, milk or aloe based cleansers and bath products to help with the dryness and itching.


16. Staying happy and positive

Having a beautiful mind and cheerful mood will allow you to radiance from the inside.

Fashion & Trend - Black Magic

Inspirations - Totally Irresistable

Monday, May 19, 2014

Interview with Amanda

It is my pleasure to introduce yet another very talented designer...drum roll please....Amanda! Well, my love for her designs is pretty direct, well, it's almost love at first sight. I am very impressed by her clever way of combining the color palettes and patterns of different fabrics. Amanda seems to have the magic touch :)

Amanda's beautiful yet affordable (!!) work can be found in Fleur Envy boutique, so come and see them yourself, I believe you will be just as impressed!

Aloha Amanda! Tell us how did you first get started?

I learned to sew in high school - but just recently got back into it about two years ago.  I am constantly amazed by all the beautiful fabrics out there - and once I started buying them I couldn't stop! I started making quilts and zipper bags for family and friends and had such a positive response that I decided to open my own shop.  I love combining unexpected fabrics and making high quality items that are each individual and special!  I've had an Etsy shop set up for several years, my initial plan was to sell handmade paper goods - but I never got around to it.  I just started my current venture last November!

What inspires you?

I am inspired by fabrics and fashion trends!  Like I said before,there are so many beautiful fabrics out there - once I have them in my hands I'm inspired to make new products!  Usually I just HAVE to start cutting into them the very day that I receive them in the mail.

The word “handmade” – what does it mean to you ?

To me, handmade means a product that is made with lots of love and care.  Handmade items are so very personal - I love to make them and gift them as gifts - and also to purchase them for myself and for my family and friends! There is just something so special about opening up a package and seeing a beautiful item that a real person spent so much time making!

Tea or Coffee for you?

Both! I start my day with a big cup of coffee and then drink hot tea in the late morning and early afternoon!  I prefer Irish Breakfast Tea and regular old Folgers coffee What can I say, I'm an exciting girl! I also love herbal tea before bed.  I try and drink a lot of water throughout the day - if I don't pay attention coffee and tea would be the only thing I would drink!  Right now the weather is starting to turn towards spring and I'm thinking of iced coffee in the mornings!  YUM!

Can you describe your work in 3 words?

Perfectly imperfect and unique! The very best things about handmade!

What is the best piece of advice you have for a young budding artist/designer ?

My best piece of advice? Oh, I have lots of advice! There are so many things that I've learned along the way - and so many things I've learned from other handmade sellers! At the top of my list would be to experiment and try new things! Not everything will turn out exactly as you had planned - but if you treat everything as a learning experience you'll definitely benefit in the long run! Also, I would say to always trust your gut and to always make items that you love! If you spend your time making items that you don't love and aren't proud of all the fun in a handmade business runs out fast! First and foremost, always remember why you starting making and selling handmade items in the first place!

What do you read?

I read most anything I can get my hands on. Currently I have about four different books I'm reading - a mystery, a romance, a memoir and a young adult novel. I am an equal opportunity reader, lol! I just finished up "The Goldfinch" and "The Fault in Our Stars" and they were both amazing! "Dad is Fat" by Jim Gaffigan is another recent read that I loved! If you're a parent I would say that you'd relate to about 99% of the things he writes about in this book - and you'll definitely laugh out loud many, many times (which is why the people in the airplane with me last time I was traveling all thought I was a crazy lady!). I always like to mix in a few funny, light reads among all the heavy stuff. Oh! And, "The Book Thief" - that is a must read!

What is your work process like?

I am a full time working Mother and Wife so my handmade work mostly takes place in the evenings and on weekends (when I'm not at my "day job"). I am set up in our dining room - mostly so that I can work on my handmade items while still spending time with my family! My shop is something that I do completely for fun - and so I try not to take myself too seriously and I never set regimented hours (unless I have a big order to fill). That's what's so awesome about having a handmade business - you can make up your own rules! Luckily my family tolerates my dining room mess!  I prefer to make one item at a time rather than making several items in bulk. While making things in bulk saves time - it always ruins part of the fun and creative process for me. The only time I do assembly line type work is if I'm filling a large order. Most of the items that you see in my shop are items that I've taken the time and care to make individually.

What is your favorite color and why?

How can I pick one favorite color? I am SO not a favorite kind of person! Once I think one thing is my favorite I immediately change my mind! Maybe that means I have some sort of issue, huh? I do love turquoise and pink. Those would be my two favorites right now. Ask me tomorrow and I'll probably say something different! :o)

Mom, you make my heart skip a beet!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother, you are my precious gift,  
Heaven under your feet, 
Of my heart you are the beat, 
I love you ocean deep.
Happy Monthers' Day!

Cards from 1Canoe2, available at Fleur Envy Studio Boutique

Tutorial - Simple Flower Bouquet

I simply adore the stunning colors, textures, shapes and fragrances of flowers. To me, I suppose they make this world a much beautiful and colorful place to live in. :)

This is a tutorial for making a very simple bouquet to share the joy of blooms with your loved ones!

These are what you need:
1. Flowers - an assortment from your garden
2. Lace and twine
3. Glass container
4. Scissors 

Trim the flowers such that they are in small bunches.

Arrange the flowers by trying to separate the whites from the pinks.

                                        Just ensure that you are happy with your arrangement :)

Tie the bouquet and cut off the excess. 

                                                  Roll the lace around the bottle and cut it.

Use the twine and tie a ribbon around the lace to secure it.

             Adjust the flowers if need be. Fill the glass container with water and place the bouquet in it.

                                             Here you go! A pretty gift for your loved one :)

Inspirations - Beautiful Walls

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Interview with Leva from Adatine

I am thrilled to chance upon this lovely collection. I wonder why I am so drawn to these hand sewn, hand embroidered, hand knitted and crocheted toys by Leva. They probably reminded me about my childhood, the wonderful moments, almost forgotten and tucked away, hidden somewhere afar. I am somehow touched by them, at the same time finding them remarkably adorable, innocent and alluring. Are they trying to say something? Such a beautiful experience and I am glad these little ones are on their way to my boutique :) Thank you Leva, you are just brilliant!

Aloha Leva! Tell us more about yourself... 

My story could be attributed to the category when a hobby gradually becomes a job. I loved handicrafts since I was a child. My mother, granny, aunts – all the women in my life used to look for calm and serenity in textile.

I get inspired by people, nature, circumstances and situations. Inspiration always comes at the most inconvenient time when I don‘t expect it. Unfortunately, it occurs when I‘m unable to greet it with my arms wide open. I‘m always in a situation where something has to be sacrifised.

It is rather sad but handicrafts in Lithuania still have a negative tone to it. However, it seems that recently it has been improving. Even those close to me are full of skepticism when it comes to what I do, occasionally asking when I‘m going to find an appropriate job. You know what my reaction to that is? I started to care for my hands as if I was a violinist.  

Coffee or Tea for you, Leva?

Coffee. But such a nostalgia takes over me when I remember summers in my parents‘ garden where my children used to collect fresh mint leaves. The tea was exactly that color.

Who is your favorite artist?

Paradoxical but after graduating (Vilnius Academy of Arts) I started the job as a journalist in architectural publishing. Lately, my perception of art is... I stopped looking for art. No longer interested in it. I made a conscious decision not to be a part of an artistic whirl and not to assess it anymore. Anyhow, because of the nature of my job (I spend hours and hours on my own) I got fascinated by film. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mads Mikkelsen, Sean Penn, Stellan Sarsgard – I find their acting very appealing. 

What do you usually read?

 I don‘t read as much as I would like to. My recent favorite is psychological literature.

What is a "normal" work day for you?

On my normal day I just sit and embroid. Sit for a long, very long time.