Fleur Peek ~ Leather & Jade Stone Bracelets

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sneak peek into my studio, what's Jet up to lately?
Well, our team is all geared up for Christmas now!
We have tons of exciting gifts all lined up,
our problem now -
how to get all these lovelies displayed in the boutique! :)

I jokingly told Ace, well, we have enough 
handmade lovelies to sink a ship!
Hence, you gotta gotta gotta make a trip to Fleur Envy
if you are looking for unique, thoughtful and personalized gifts
for yourself or your loved ones!

Well, first to appear, some really stunning & vibrantly colored jade stones
and luxurious looking genuine leathers.

Alrighty, so what happens when "stunning" meets "luxurious"?
Well, some really amazing one-of-a-kind creations :)
Give all credits to those lovely stones and leather cords.
They are all so beautiful in the first place!
Many more piece available in the boutique.
I am most likely making one piece of each design!

One of my latest work with leather.
Double layered, genuine golden leather with gold plated ball chain.
Complete with rose gold and gold embellishments.
Disk stamped - Love you to moon and back.
That's my most current style.
What do you think?

Another piece of my work with leather.
If you love rose gold, you will really like this bracelet.
Triple tiered - double braided genuine leather with a dainty rose gold plated chain.
Rose gold wishbone charm to bring you good luck and pretty crown beads.
Love the beautiful hook clasp which completes the classy and expensive look.

I especially love the rustic lavender braided leather, love its thickness, texture & tones.
Feminine, tough and rustic all at once!
Brilliant crystal filled shark tooth charm in rose gold plated.
Second tiered, dainty rose gold simple chain.
This is definitely one of my favorites! 

 Classic, elegant and minimal.
My personal favorite in the latest leather collection.
Luxurious genuine leather, gold plated parts and chain.
Hand-stamped and black filled "Amour".
I am wearing one now.
Heart heart heart!

 If you love bling bling and glittering gold, you will adore this piece.

Add a splash of colors to your attire with this statement trinket.
Shades of purple jade stones set in floral bezels.
They are solid, heavy and very pretty stones.
Love the beautiful intertwining gold and rose gold plated chains.
Completed with a handmade tassel, I have trimmed the tassel to ensure it looks even and proper!
Choose something to be stamped on the shiny stylish disc.

Heart the color combination!
Deep lavender jade stone encased in a beautiful lace bezel.
Olive colored, braided genuine leather bracelet, thick and sturdy.
Bold, minimalist and attention grabbing.

Trio shades of blue jade stones set in eye bezels.
Lovely gold plated rolo interlocking chain.
Truly one-of-a-kind
Character, Elegant, Statement.

Another piece of my recent work with the colorful jade stones.
Pink jade stone with beautiful hammer arc tube.
Gorgeous oriental design on the bezel.
A lovely feminine piece, like a gentle breeze in Spring.

Stunning pearl white jade stone encased in a gorgeous vine bezel.
Lovingly accompanied with freshwater pearl and a long vines embellishment.
A lovely feminine piece, like a gentle breeze in Spring.

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